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🌱 Native Planting Event 

Gateway to Campus Park

On 5th st., between F and G st. in Oxnard, CA 




We are excited to invite you to the Gateway to Campus Park Native Planting Event we are having in collaboration with our friends at MiniNature Reserve! 


Saturday, Apr. 13th  from 10am-12pm.


We will be engaging with our volunteers and asking for testimonies and insights on your experiences with the day's event. There will be:

- a sign-in sheet for you to fill out once you arrive

- water, coffee and yummy snacks provided  

- safety vests available to use for the day


Planting will take place at a parkway a long 5th Street between F St. and GSt. in the Historic District of Oxnard. Some of the wonderful work we will be doing:

- transplanting plants into the ground

- using shovels to dig holes

- possibly mulching


PLEASE NOTE: We will NOT be using chemical spraying.


We kindly ask volunteers to bring gloves, hats, sunscreen, sunglasses, and comfortable outdoor/garden clothing and shoes.


Will you be able to join us on this day? Are you able to share this email with 2 friends that might want to join us?

At your earliest convenience, please kindly call/text us at (805) 978-0172 if you are interested in volunteering.  We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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