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Because We Care.


Help keep the park clean by picking up a couple of pieces of trash when you visit.


Be part of our growing list of volunteers to help at our up-coming clean-up events.

Let Us KNOw

Message us with suggestions to help make the dog park better. 

Dog Park Rules

Here are some suggestions for a better dog park experience at Campus Park.


Dog Park Rules

Suggested Ordinance for the
Campus Park Dog Park

Here's a suggested dog park ordinance designed to promote safety, cleanliness, and a welcoming atmosphere for dogs and their owners:

  1. Vaccination and Licensing: All dogs must be up-to-date on vaccinations and properly licensed, ensuring the health and safety of all furry visitors.

  2. Supervision: Owners are required to be present and actively supervise their dogs at all times, creating a watchful and caring environment that promotes responsible dog ownership.

  3. Waste Management: Owners are kindly requested to promptly pick up after their dogs, creating a clean and pleasant space for everyone to enjoy. Convenient waste disposal stations are provided throughout the park for ease of use.

  4. Aggression-Free Zone: Dogs with a history of aggression towards other animals or people are not permitted in the park, ensuring a safe and stress-free environment for all visitors.

  5. Friendly and Social: Encourage a culture of friendliness and respect among owners and their dogs, fostering positive interactions, and creating a sense of community within the park.

  6. Obedience Training: Dogs who have received basic obedience training are more than welcome. Their well-behaved nature adds to the harmonious atmosphere of the park.

  7. Welcoming Families: Families with children are invited to enjoy the park, provided that children are closely supervised by responsible adults to ensure their safety and the safety of the dogs.

  8. Park Maintenance: Visitors are encouraged to abide by the "leave no trace" policy that promotes the idea to leave the park cleaner than you found it.  We can all make a big difference by each helping a little.

This ordinance has been thoughtfully designed to ensure the safety, happiness, and comfort of all dogs and their owners.


By adhering to these rules, we can create a dog park that encourages responsible dog ownership, fosters positive interactions, and serves as a delightful destination for dogs and their families to enjoy together.

Dog Walker


Earlier this year, people from the community came out to volunteer at our Dog Park Clean-up Day.    


Large and Small

The dog park allows for large and small dogs to have their own spaces as it is divided by a fence. 

Dog Park at Campus Park

The Campus Park dog park is the only park amenity currently open at Campus Park.  The FOCP, along with the city of Oxnard and other groups, has had volunteer clean-up events at the park to help maintain it safe and clean.  We look forward to upgrading it in the 2nd or 3rd phase of the park. In the meantime let's keep it clean and safe so our lovely pets can enjoy it! 

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