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We've been awarded an 8.5 million dollar grant!

According to the California Department of Parks and Recreation, the City of Oxnard and Campus Park have been awarded $8,500,000 under the Prop 68 Grant Program to start making improvements at Campus Park! This is the best news we've had since we began our quest to make Campus Park into a reality. This is also reflects the dedication and hard work both on behalf of our group, Friends of Campus Park, the City of Oxnard, Parks and Rec Department, City Corp., our friends and supporters and specially, Eric Hummel from the Oxnard Public Works Department who worked hard to get the grant. We are proud to have partnered with the city as the official non-profit group for the grant process and would like to thank all of those who attended the workshops and helped make them happen. We know that Eric is an advocate for natural, self-sustainable, community oriented, cultural, educational and spiritually enriching spaces. He is the right person for Oxnard's growing demands for self-sustainable spaces and for leadership that thinks outside-the-box. In the comings few weeks we expect to sit back down with city staff to provide the draft agreement detailing Friends of Campus Park's role as the official non-profit group dedicated to help making this a reality. This is only the beginning as we expect to partner with the city again for the coming official community workshops to start designing the park. Our group realizes that 8.5 million won't be enough to build the entire park to its full potential but it will definitely kickstart interest from individuals, sponsors, donors, grantors, foundations, trust, educational institutions, anyone and anything that would like to help grow the park into a wonderful, world-class park that Oxnard can enjoy.

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